Purento Digital Course

Learn new techniques for easing your client's muscle tensions in jaw area!

 Demand for occlusion treatments has increased sharply, and this course has been tailored to meet the need.
The digital course offers you the opportunity to learn at your own pace.
When you have completed the course, you will:
- be able to name the muscles used in occlusion and know their neurophysiological function
- recognise and be able to “diagnose” the most common occlusion problems and symptoms
- know the basic manual techniques to help ease tensions around the jaw in massage clients
- be able to guide and advise clients on preventing pain and tension caused by occlusion

This implementation of the Purento course allows you to learn at your own pace, and the guidance videos will help you to provide training treatments immediately in your own practice.

This course is now available in English!
You'll get 3 months access to all materials for the price of 780€

The course includes teaching of massage grips and anatomy in the mimetic, mouth floor and occlusion areas.
The videos guide you on treatment techniques and areas. Videos have English subtitles & longer videos have been dubbed in English!

Module 1 covers the mimetic muscles in the facial area.
Module 2 moves on to the mouth floor muscles below the jaw and how to palpate the hyoid bone.
Module 3 studies the occlusal muscles and techniques in the face and inside the mouth.

You'll get the access to module 1 right after purchasing the course and rest of the modules open every two weeks.
You'll have access to course materials for 100 days counting from your purchase date.

Want to know more? See the preview of Course Curriculum below and learn more about your Purento trainer Kicka Leppänen!

Course Curriculum

Kicka Leppänen

"This course covered the theme very well! Lot to learn, but everything was well explained. I really liked the videos showing manual techniques in action. Thank you!"

"I was very pleased with the whole course. The trainer is a true professional, explains everything thoroughly & is very inspirational person!"